Diversity & Inclusion

A team that’s diverse

At PageGroup we know that a diverse team brings different perspectives and insight to our business, generating creativity, problem-solving and sustainability that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Our inclusion promise creates opportunities for everyone. OpenPage is about recognising and appreciating that every individual is different and helps us make sure our people are comfortable bringing their true selves to work.

Different initiatives like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] represent the six dimensions of our global diversity promise:

Women succeed at work

  • In 2012 we launched [email protected] with the aim of improving our gender balance at all levels across our business. Since then, we have:
  • Introduced our Global mentoring programme
  • Launched our [email protected] global “Yammer” network
  • Carried out policy reviews
  • Regularly publish case studies/role models - ‘Real People and Real Stories’
  • Annual global campaigns to celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’ to profile our successful and inspiring women globally

Sexual orientation and gender identity don't matter

  • In 2015 we launched [email protected], supporting our LGBT+ employees, recognising that people perform better when they can be themselves. Through [email protected] we have:
  • Become a Stonewall Global Diversity Champion
  • Created case studies - allies and LGBT
  • Run Focus groups
  • Reviewed and rewritten policies
  • Created [email protected] ‘Yammer’ network
  • Appointed senior sponsors and champions
  • Annual global campaigns to support LGBT Pride Month

Families and carers come first

  • We launched [email protected] in May 2015 to provide all parents & carers at PageGroup encouragement and support with resources, information and understanding through every step of their journey as parents. We have:
  • Introduced a maternity programme including pre and post interviews and a Parental Kit 
  • Launched [email protected] ‘Yammer’ network, featuring dedicated seminars
  • Improved our paternity policy
  • Introduced specific questions in ‘Have Your Say’ surveys for parents & carers

Ability doesn't hold you back

  • In July 2016 we launched [email protected] to demonstrate our commitment to disability and removing all barriers: physical, technological and attitudinal. It will allow us to effectively communicate with all employees, clients and candidates so that necessary adjustments can be made for anyone with a disability.
  • Sharing Real People/Real Stories of employees whose lives are affected by disability
  • Created [email protected] Yammer network
  • Appointed senior sponsors
  • Regular hints and tips to improve general health and wellbeing


Age is just a number

At PageGroup we recruit and retain people across all ages recognising the benefits of having an age diverse workforce.

A multicultural workforce thrives

We enjoy working with multicultural business teams as we strongly believe that this supports our growth and success. At the SSC we have over 400 employees representing more than 30 nationalities – quite a mix, and we love it!