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Benefits of Shared Service Centres

Victoria Sánchez, one of our experts in SSC in Madrid

What experience do you have in recruiting SSC profiles in Spain?
We at Page Personnel Spain have participated in creating and developing different SSC in our country with prestigious companies such as Daimler Group, Volvo, Beam Suntory or JBT Corporation. Furthermore, in 2015 we created our own PageGroup SSC in Barcelona.

What is the deciding factor creating an SSC in our country?
One of the deciding factors for creating an SSC in Spain is the low cost involved for the company (not only in creating the actual centre but also in the employees’ salaries). We are not the least expensive country in Europe but there is still a big difference compared to Nordic countries or others such as France or Germany. The human factor is also a deciding point. Spain is a very attractive country for young professionals from all over Europe que are looking for professional development in an international environment.

And Spain, do you think that it is more attractive for investors than other countries in Continental Europe?
The strong point of our country is the balance which exists between client service provided by the personnel and the price the service implies for the companies.

It seems Spain is a Paradise. There are many reasons for starting an SSC in this country but is there any factor which could make creating an SSC in Spain difficult? For example, what would be the most complex factors?
The most complex factor for companies is finding candidates with the potential and the languages required. Given that many of them are young and ambitious, there tends to be high rotation.

What are the skills most required in Spain? Languages? What type of profiles?
The profiles we have mostly worked with in Page Personnel for our SSC clients are: back office and client service. Regarding languages, French, German and Italian are usually required but also Swedish and Dutch. These last two are so that a more direct service can be given to clients and suppliers.

Do you foresee any changes in the market in the next few years which might affect this business model?
Currently SSCs are focusing their activity much more in locations such as Bratislava, Poland or India. However, Spain is in a very competitive position and many SSCs are landing in our territory.

Please could you give us an example of an SSC project you think has been remarkable?
Volvo, Daimler, JBT Corporation, etc.