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Leading the distribution and wholesale of added value products

Logista is the leading distributor of tobacco and convenience products, top-ups , pharmaceticals, books, publications and lotteries to some 165.000 point of sale.

The Group´s Transport división, formed by its Nacex and integra2 networks and its subsidiary company Logesta, is also leader in both countries.

Commitment to diversity, equality and ethical behaviour

Logista motivate its working teams establishing a lonf term relation, keeping a direct comunication between the different organitational levels and carrying out several initiatives to strenghten the team spirit within the Company. 

The Code of Conduct of Logista includes Logista´s commitment to diversity, equal opportunities and non- discrimination, principles the Logista promotes and are assumed by all employees.

We are leaders in Environment and Social Actions

Logista is in the CDP´s (Carbon Disclosure Project) "A List" for several years, highlighting Logista as the only European distributor in the list and identifying it as a world leading company managing Climate Change.

Logista and its companies actively collaborate in several solidarity actions: Humanitarian, welfare and integrating initiatives, promoting sports and supporting culture.